The HVAC store closed down

It was a sad day when the heating and air conditioning store in my town closed down. I have been going to this store since I was a kid. When I was a little kid, I didn’t understand anything about Heating and cooling. Other than that, I knew that Summers were hot and the winters were cold. My parents were the ones that took care of all the heating and air conditioning expenses, as would be expected. Other than that I knew my local heating and air conditioning store only because my dad used to take me there all the time when he would go shopping for new air filters. I remembered for the longest time he used disposable air filters but then he discovered HEPA filters and he switched over to those instead. He was so happy when he started using those because they were easier to use and they were of a higher quality, even if they were a bit more expensive. I remember asking a question about air filters once and he explained it to me that I was too young to really understand. I’ve lived in the same town my whole life and so I grew up with this Heating and Cooling store and even when I turned 19 and moved out of my parents house, this was the same business that I started using for my own heating and cooling system. So it was really sad 5 years later seeing them go out of business, there just weren’t enough people in the town and they were getting enough business to stay afloat. It was a sad day.


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