The HVAC expert was friendly and informed

I’m new to my workplace, but it’s been a great experience.

  • A while after the pandemic hit, like many other people, I lost my job.

Instead of staying in the city and renting an apartment, I moved back home with my parents. They were happy to have the house full since my brother and sister had also moved back. It’s been hard finding a good position, but finally, I got one 5 months ago in a different city and relocated. My new place is a lovely rental house, and I wanted to ensure the cooling system was ready for summer. My research indicates summers get so hot here that having a good cooling system is a top priority. One of my new coworkers gave me contacts to this HVAC company in the area. She said they were the best and have been around for 5 decades. True to her words, I read many positive reviews about the HVAC company online. Before inviting them into my home to service the cooling system, I wanted to be sure. Two days ago, I booked an appointment with them, and the HVAC expert showed up the following morning. He was a friendly chap who introduced himself, showed me his HVAC work ID, and went to work. I had several questions about the cooling system, and he was quick to answer. Since I’m a new client, he told me they have 25% off for such a service which was music to my ears. He also gave me pointers on how to stay cool during the long and hot summer months.

Quality HVAC