The hot water heater was leaking near the bottom

I rarely ever go to the garage.

My husband has an old sports car parked in the garage and we have boxes of old stuff on the shelves.

I was rummaging through those old boxes looking for something specific. I spent about 30 minutes rummaging through the boxes. While I was in the garage, I noticed water leaking from the hot water heater. The leaking water was only a small amount, but I knew that was a problem that should not be occurring. I researched online the reasons why the hot water heater might be leaking. All of the troubleshooting tips pointed to calling a contractor. I don’t have a regular plumbing contractor, so I had to find someone reputable and inexpensive. Luckily there were lots of good reviews online. I found a plumbing service that handles hot water heater issues. The plumbing service sent a licensed contractor to look at the machine. The leak appeared to be coming from the bottom of the hot water heater. The technician found the leak to be towards the back. The issue was a minor repair. The hot water heater didn’t need to be replaced. I was thankful to hear the good news, because my biggest fear was an expensive replacement bill that I could not afford. It took about an hour and a half for the repair technician to finish with the work. The guy told me to watch that machine for a couple of weeks. He told me to observe the bottom of the machine for any signs of water. He was certain that the problem was fixed, but he wanted me to keep an eye on the machine just to be sure.
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