The heating system was the predominant function

Sherry can’t imagine that just shifting her mindset could make such a crucial difference in the way she was using her Heating and A/C cooling.

But then again, Sherry is often shocked how a shift in perspective and focus can offer tremendous upsides.

Getting stuck in particular mindsets is pretty easy for folks to do in life. Our brains prefer to organize things based on familiarity and ease. Or at least that’s the way it seems. So when it came to the AC once Sherry moved down south, her mind sort of took over the strategy without her doing much thinking on it. Where Sherry came from there was Heating and A/C cooling for the overall central AC at home. Yet, it was the gas furnace that was mostly in use when it came to the heating and cooling. There were about 2 months during summer time where the Heating & A/C cooling came in handy. But outside of that, both of us just didn’t use much AC. So when Sherry relocated, her brain just decided that since there was loads more heat then she needed loads more Heating and A/C cooling. It took all summer to rethink the way she was approaching Heating and A/C cooling. And really, all it took was having her friend help her see a completely unusual perspective. A local neighbor of Sherry’s recommended that she just deal with the heat instead of pumping more air conditioner into her house. More air conditioning made the heat just seem worse. So that’s what Sherry did. She waited until almost summer time to turn on the air conditioner and then, Sherry kept the temperature control setting much higher. That was the best decision ever.



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