The garage needed better indoor air quality

Mom thought it was time to add a whole-space air purification system.

I love cars and everything about them. I think I take after my mom in that way. She was and still is a wizard when it comes to car repair. Mom learned how to fix cars from her dad. He never minded that she was a girl and made sure she knew all there was in the trade. Later, mom inherited his garage, where they did repairs and remodeling for cars. I practically grew up in this shop and could drive at such a young age. I tried being girly in high school and not playing under the hood so much. But, cars were always my passion, so I always found myself under them tinkering with something. One afternoon I went to the garage as usual from school and was shocked by the state of the garage’s air. The whole space smelled stale and had poor air quality. I wasn’t sure if it was just me noticing this, so I raised the issue with mom. She told me she was also experiencing the same and was even worried about the air conditioning. Mom added that she’d spoken with an AC business about the issue and was waiting for assistance. They sent an AC professional to the shop to evaluate and give a solution. Mom thought it was time to add a whole-space air purification system. But, she wanted to be sure and get advice on the right unit to install. Just as we were speaking, an AC expert arrived, and they began to talk. He concluded that a whole-space air purification system was ideal for mom’s garage.

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