The friendly HVAC worker got a 5 star review

My mom is the sort of lady who can spend the whole day in the study room. Don’t get myself and others wrong, she also does several other things. But, her number 1 passion is cooking. I remember she used to always say she wanted to try recipes when I was a kid. However, she had to also toil so that our dad didn’t handle the bills alone. Dad promised her 1 day she won’t have to toil & will follow her passion. Well, that day came in 2021 when dad sold a patent for an invention he did. It was such a pressing deal that he got so several benefits from the supplier that purchased it. See, our dad is an inventor & this was his pressing break. And now, mom is living in a new house with the study room of her dreams cooking the house down. It’s great to see her so happy & sharing her recipes online has garnered mum quite the following. The other day, she was at home & a HVAC worker came by. He was there to do the annual check up for the cooling system. See, summer time time isn’t simple to deal with if you lack an efficient cooling system. So, mom l acquired a long time ago to make & keep appointments with the HVAC business. She opened the door to this young man & showed him where the unit was set up in the house. Mom said he had the kindest face & complemented the smells coming from the Kitchen. Well, the HVAC worker was in advantage because he left with a delicious slice of chocolate cake & got a 5 star review from mom.


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