The faulty AC was costing her currency

My bestie is an amazing person.

I prefer her drive & determination to make it in life.

Many boys might find a determined lady to be a turn-off. But, I find it to be quite attractive. Perhaps this is because I grew up watching our mom be the strongest person on earth. She never took no for an answer & managed to build a successful business. Dad was always by her side championing her, & never once did mom forget him. Their prefer has always been there to teach our siblings & I how partnerships work. And I’m blissful I found a lady who is the same way. My bestie is a homeowner. She purchased her new house when she was in school & has been renovating the place while living there. The other day all of us were talking & she was explaining why she wanted to upgrade the AC in her home. She said the AC was costing her currency because the energy bill was too high. My bestie said she never upgraded the cooling unit when she moved to the house. That was a while back & now it seemed time had come to do so. She consulted with an section AC supplier & they said they need to do an inspection to ascertain the problem. An AC worker had come by the house & agreed the unit was failing, however repairing it would only cost her more currency so our bestie decided to get a estimate for AC upgradement. She is purchasing an energy efficient new unit that won’t use as much energy to cool her home.

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