The evaporator coils were absolutely dirty

The a/c was struggling to keep up with the indoor temperature on Friday.

Every one of us were having a celebration and people were always in and out of the beach house all afternoon, although I still thought it was odd that the A/C wasn’t working respectfully.

My mom was sitting on the couch in the residing room with sweat on his forehead. I could see that he was really hot and uncomfortable. After the celebration, I mentioned the problem to our partner. He agreed that it might be time to have a tune-up performed on the system. I called and made an appointment a couple of afternoons later. The tune-up specialist was really friendly and knowledgeable. He went through the process step-by-step and explained everything to us. He found a lot of dirt on the evaporator coils, but dirty evaporator coils can cause a number of concerns. An extremely dirty coil can cause complete malfunction in the A/C system. In order to avoid this category of problem, the A/C evaporator coils should be cleaned yearly. The specialist performed the maintenance and I watched as he used a special device to detach all of the dirt and debris. It looks love a vacuum cleaner with odd bristles, however it worked really well. When the guy was done, the evaporator coils looked brand new. After the plan tune-up and maintenance, I know that the plan is running much more smoothly than it has in a year or 2. Every one of us are even seeing a decline in the weekly energy bills that both of us have been paying.

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