The dust is gone at last

If you ask myself and others there is nothing worse than having a beach apartment full of dust! Apart from being unlovely to look at, this is a great at causing all kinds of troubles including health troubles like dust irritations.

  • I’m one of those people that is particularly sensitive to things like dust & pollen & so I cannot have a beach apartment that is dirty with dust or pollen.

However, it seems that despite my best efforts I am unable to completely get rid of my dust. I have tried using sitting air purification systems but that just wasn’t enough to do the trick. It wasn’t until I was talking with a neighbor & all of us were discussing dust & dust irritations symptoms that he told myself and others that he had at least found a solution to the problem. What was the solution? It was a HEPA filter. That is when it occurred to myself and others that I had not tried a a HEPA filter yet & I asked him where I could get one. He then told myself and others that they were readily available at the local heating & cooling businesses. I decided to take his advice & I went to the contractor to see these HEPA filters. When I arrived there, I saw they had plenty available & I picked one up to supply it a try myself. After using the HEPA filter for a week I saw that my neighbor was right, these things worked great. Now that I have one my dust troubles have all but disappeared. I am so ecstatic that the HEPA filter worked as expected.
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