The dog absolutely loves the air conditioner in the summer

My mom’s pet entirely likes the air cooler during the summer. It is so funny to see him whenever I go over to her condo to visit during the week. She will go outside to do her business, however then she stands at the door plus just begs to come back inside. It’s as if she just entirely hates the high hot plus cold temperatures outside during the summer, but whenever you let him back into the house, she takes off running, turns around many times, plus flops down right in front of that air cooler vent in the family room… And that’s basically where she lives throughout the summer time months. There are air cooler vents all throughout the house, however a single in the family room floor is her honestly number one single. I suppose she just appreciates the chilly brick in the family room along with the air cooler that blows out on her honestly little body. Whenever they go for a ride in the car, she sticks her nose right into the air cooler vents in the car. I do not believe how she can sniff so fast, however whenever she puts her nose into a single of the air vents, she sniffs love ridiculous. She must also be able to smell all the outside smells that come in through the air cooler vents in the car! My Dad calls that pet my fur sibling, which I suppose is a little bit weird. However, I do love pets. I entirely get a big kick out of the way she entirely enjoys the air cooler all summer time long. She also appreciates it more than I do.


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