The changes have improved our rating online

It’s been several years since I was in HVAC school.

At that time, technology was just getting started & seeping into different industries.

HVAC systems were pressing, however I’ve seen them get gradually smaller & more efficient. I remember our parents had this pressing window AC unit that all of us relied on during summer. It was set up in our sister’s living room & she was never allowed to close her door when it was hot. That way, the cool air could flow all over the house & make sure everyone was comfortable. Later, they bought a HVAC system that was just as big, however it no longer had to be set up in our sister’s living room. I found this intriguing & talked our parents into letting myself and others go to HVAC school. My dad wanted myself and others to try another field, but I saw the potential in the HVAC industry. Now, it’s 20 years down the line & I own a HVAC business. I partnered with a friend who was in supplier at that time & all of us never looked back. The people I was with and I have a staff of 20 HVAC workers & 15 different vehicles to make servicing our clients easier. Of late we’ve been having concerns with terrible rating online by our clients. They kept complaining about terrible communication & lack of accessibility online. Our clients wanted to be able to book an appointment online & not have to follow it up with a call. The people I was with and I guess the importance of embracing technology & made sure all of us streamlined the booking process. The changes have improved our rating since all of us no longer have some appointments getting lost.

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