The caller didn't mention a name of phone number

Every morning when I come to the office, I listen to the voice messages from the previous night.

The office is closed from 7 p.m.

until 7 a.m. Customers can leave a message if they have any problems with the heating or air conditioning system. I returned all of the calls first thing in the morning. We do not offer 24-hour emergency services, but there are a couple of other HVAC services companies that do offer nighttime repairs. I leave the names of two services on the answering machine. I trust the owners and I would use them myself. A couple of days ago I came to work and I had seven messages on the machine. Most of the calls were just routine questions and concerns. The last message was extremely difficult to understand. The guy sounded like he was talking with a mouth full of rocks and marbles. I barely understood his message, and he didn’t mention a name or leave a phone number. I didn’t have any way to call back the customer. I had a phone number on the caller ID, but I did have a name or address. I waited to see if the customer would call back that day, but I never heard from anyone. I honestly hope the guy called someone else. I’d hate to think the guy was sitting by the phone waiting for me to call back. I do my best to provide good service and affordable rates. If he would have left a name or address, I would have been able to find more information.

furnace/heater tune-up