The air purifier helped my allergies

Does anyone else have allergies? I never had much of a problem before I moved to this town.

I assumed it was just the time of year, and there was excess pollen in the air, but they are persistent. I even started taking allergy medication every morning, and while it does help a little I still feel itchy and sick almost all the time. My mother ordered me something nice on Amazon to help with my problem. It is a small but powerful air purifier, which she advised me to leave next to my bed when I sleep at night. The air purifier really has made a difference in how I feel, but the allergies still persist! Finally I decided to call in the professionals, and had a certified HVAC tech come over to test the air quality of the house. The HVAC tech asked if I had any pets, and I said I couldn’t have pets because of my allergies. That was the solution to the problem laid bare, because she said there were high trace amounts of pet dander in the ventilation system, and that is what was bothering me so much! She recommended a full cleaning of all the ductwork and scrubbing out the air vents. That service cost a little bit more than I wanted to pay, but I couldn’t sacrifice my health, so I asked her to clean the ductwork for me. The following day my air ducts were sparkling clean, and I was breathing much easier than I had in a very long time.

a/c representative