The air conditioning truck outside of the pilates studio tipped over

I was driving around to different pilates studios to sign up for a new membership when I noticed an air conditioning truck parked outside. This air conditioning truck was not ordinary because it was tipped over on its side! The technician that was driving the truck was drunk and pulled into the parking lot way too quickly and sharply. Parts of air conditioners and heaters were scattered about because he never tightened the door in the back, so everything poured out as the truck tipped over. The owner of the air conditioning company showed up along with the police to question the technician. I think it’s safe to say that the technician will no longer be working for the company because he will be spending time in rehab. The HVAC company owner was incredibly embarrassed. I felt bad for him because HVAC companies typically run on referrals and networking, so this will really hurt their reputation. I hope that the technician receives the help he needs. Drunk driving is an incredibly serious offense. He is lucky that the parking lot was pretty empty so no one else got hurt. He suffered a few small injuries, but I think that he was mostly okay because his body was so loose and relaxed from the alcohol. The members at the pilates studio were all standing outside in awe of what had happened. This was definitely a conversation starter for me and the studio manager since I was hoping to sign up for a membership. They were all so nice and real about the whole thing that I decided to go with this studio.
Air conditioner tune-up