The AC was too small

It takes my AC maybe ten minutes to change the temperature for me

I just thought my air conditioner was weak. I would set a temperature on the thermostat and know it wouldn’t achieve it. My little cooling system would run all day long and nothing would feel any different. I would know to run my overhead fan at night and use a box fan when I worked out. I also got used to high energy bills. That was all I knew. When the air conditioner finally quit on me, I called up a HVAC company. I figured I would get a similar unit just a bit more powerful. The HVAC professional was shocked when he saw my air conditioner. He told me that the previous homeowner bought an undersized air conditioner. He said that the AC could only handle about half of my square footage. That is why I never could get great amounts of AC and it never turned off. Due to constantly working, the AC ran itself to death and that is why it only lasted a few years. The HVAC contractor took careful measurements of my home and showed me what size of machine I actually needed. I took his word for it and got a bigger model installed. I can’t believe the difference in my home. When I adjust the thermostat, the AC clicks on and immediately archives it. It takes my AC maybe ten minutes to change the temperature for me. It actually turns on and off too. The difference in what I pay each month is the most exciting thing for me though.



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