Tell me what to expect if I work with you.

As the owner of the HVAC company, I was well versed in interviewing.

I wanted to hire an online marketing company and I planned on interviewing them before they interviewed me.

I had all their credentials that I had found online, and I was already aware they had a department that worked only with HVAC companies. I wanted to talk to every HVAC company specialist they had in the marketing company so I could pick the best marketer for my needs. I talked to three HVAC specialist and asked each of them the same questions. I wanted to know what I should expect if I were to work with them? The last HVAC marketing specialist I talked to said he couldn’t promise me anything other than to do his best. I then asked where he would start with my marketing program. He asked for the website address, and I was at a loss. I had never had a website and all of my business had been word of mouth. He said word of mouth went only so far, and what I needed was an active advertising program. He wanted to reach out to all of my neighbors within a twenty mile radius, through the use of social media. SEO was going to be implemented in my website and into the social media ads. He said there were no guarantees, but if anyone was going to pull my HVAC company out of the ashes, it was going to be the online marketing company I had chosen to represent me, and the HVAC specialist they had working with them.



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