Taking a Trip to the Local Contractor’s Shop to Look for Deals

Today is Thursday and all I have on the slate is about an hour of work, then I’m off to the beach.

I may do a light leg workout today if I feel up for it later.

My shoulders are quite sore so I can’t really do much with an upper body workout yet. Tomorrow I am going to the doctor to set up a date for surgery on my shoulders. I just need to decide which one I want to do first. My left one seems to be in the most pain so if he can repair it then I’ll just sit by my space heater each day and do some writing in a journal. I don’t think I will be able to type or anything because my arm will most likely be in a sling. I guess I can type with one hand or maybe, better yet, get a good voice typing app and let it do the typing for me. I may go later after I finish work today and check out the deals at our local service provider’s store to see if there is anything I need to buy while it’s on sale. Or if I don’t feel like going there then I’ll just hit the beach and call it a day. It’s quite cold out so I may just go to the beach for a bit then come home and crank my central heat up and turn this place into a sauna. I think if I am getting shoulder surgery soon I should do more work and get ahead of the game while I can still type.


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