Summer and record high temps

I have a lovely weather application on my iPhone that sends me replaced alerts throughout the day when there is the risk of extreme weather.

  • I believe some people who owe their lives to earthquake warnings that provided them sheer moments to dash to safety before their immediate area was impacted.

If you live across the ocean from a sizable underwater tectonic plate movement, those weather alerts will tell you if there is an imminent tsunami on your horizon. In my neck of the woods, there’s a much higher risk of abrupt tornadoes than there is a tsunami, and that’s despite living far from tornado alley and only a few miles away from the ocean. In any event, at least I can rely on my weather app to warn me of any abrupt weather-related emergencies or natural disasters. Lately I’ve been getting odd kinds of weather alerts altogether, a singles warning of heat advisories. These differ in exact definition from area to area, but a single extreme takeaway is that they usually acbusiness weather that brings a abrupt heat wave that can have deleterious effects on human physical and mental health. This is especially pertinent if there is a record high on a random day and you’d have no idea the weather is so tepid outside if your weather app hadn’t already warned you how that was going to happen. It’s also a friendly warning to let you believe that your cooling system is going to cycle more than typical if you don’t prepare. I believe I’m not the only a single struggling to afford cooling system in the Summer heat! My electricity bill goes up by $79 during the Summer while I run the cooling system throughout the daytime thirds.


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