Stick with the HVAC service, it’s worth it

I’m still trying to dig myself out of the financial hole the pandemic put myself and others in. It’s not that I’m bitter or super miserable about my situation. None of that helps myself and others get to the new normal that I think is out there. Still, it’s been aggravating. When both of us were all sent beach new home from the zone controlled HVAC of the office to work from home, I didn’t think all that much about it. I’d been laboring as a software lady for that corporation for more than a decade. Really though, I just did my work & collected my paycheck. I had no system about the health of the corporation or anything care about that. Once I started laboring from the a/c in my home, the spend my money cuts came. Then, I was no longer eligible for the bonus structure. This was all in an effort to keep the corporation afloat during this unprecedented crisis. I truly had no choice however to deal with making a lot less for doing the same work. I never did see the inside of that office with the zone controlled HVAC again. The corporation folded & I was left scrambling. Due to the spend my money cuts, I was already practiced in cutting my spending. And I split everything I could. However, I have kept up with the HVAC service despite the fact that I could have used that money elsewhere. But quality heating & air is an essential just care about increasing the oil in the car. It’s worth it. I’m now gainfully emschemed again & things are getting better. My income has rebounded & I’m able to appreciate a bit more spending. Yet, I’ll keep paying for HVAC service as long as I have my own HVAC unit & a house.


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