Spring break A/C issues

It took four of us, pooling all the extra money we had, to afford a decent spring break.

We all took one car, and drove to the lakeside, where we had been able to find a cheap little bungalow for the week.

It wasn’t big, and it wasn’t new, but it was the best we could afford. Much to our surprise, inside the place was pretty nice! There was enough space for all of us, and it looked like a week full of partying would be just what we needed after a brutal semester. When I started to look around for a thermostat, I couldn’t find it. We all started looking, but there was no thermostat… that’s because there was no central HVAC system in this place! Once I started to pay attention I noticed that there were no air vents or ductwork, this little bungalow was equipped for any kind of HVAC system! The only thing we found were a couple of space heaters in the storage room, but that was no help to us on such a hot night. First thing the next morning we called the rental agent, who calmly explained to us that those weren’t space heaters. This place never got cold enough to need heating, even the dead of winter. Those machines we saw were small air conditioners, designed to be fully portable and move from room to room as needed. Once we had two air conditioners in play, the house became a lot more comfortable. It wasn’t perfect, but it was good enough for us.

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