Some side money

I have a little side activity that I do for extra money.

I go searching around for broken portable air conditioning & heating equipment & after that I service it, refurbish it & sell it online.

It is something that started when I found an ancient portable air conditioning idea I had in my garage & decided to try & fix it. When I found that I was able to fix it & get it working good as new again, it gave myself and others the idea to hunt down other broken portable air conditioners & portable space furnaces to do the same thing. It took about a year to get this activity & side company off the ground & actually rolling. But once I did, it became a official thing that I do. I don’t sell them the same price as brand new portable air conditioners & portable space heaters. I sell them much cheaper because they are used & fixed. Also most of the portable air conditioning & gas furnaces that I fix are a bit older so they are not the same as the portable air conditioners & portable space furnaces on the market today that you can buy new. But they work just as good & if not a little better to be totally honest with you all. I assume the older heating & air conditioning equipment of all kinds were a bit better than today’s. New doesn’t mean better in many cases. And I assume that goes double for heating & air conditioning equipment.

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