Some of my work as a HVAC specialist

I thoroughly like my work, which includes fitting residential buildings with quality heating and air conditioning equipment. About 3 years ago, I decided to specialize in cooling products. I have worked with dealers who often offer me contracts to fit the house’s equipment. After I include the air conditioning unit, the city council officer will often inspect it to ensure the a/c installation is done properly and will not harm the residents because of any carelessness from the a/c workman. This big house complex was under construction, and to get the tender, I needed to have the council inspect my just concluded work. I had done the a/c install at a group of schools that had constructed unusual buildings as additional labs. The school advised to install a dual fuel method in 3 of the several buildings. In the third building, the school administrator only wanted to do the a/c care on the existing unit. I gathered my a/c rep team and started the installation, which took us a whole week. The buyer advised that we install disposable air conditioning filters rather than washable ones, my opinion on these two types of filters is that the washable ones are meant for locales that don’t need to be replaced often, while the disposable ones are for areas such as schools and hospitals. The council officer evaluated the work and offered it an excellent pass. This opened doors for me, and I got the tender. I got funding for units with high SEER ratings. I got the tender to install air purification systems and was awarded the tender to handle the a/c repairs for the systems.

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