Sitting on an EV Stock Until it Wakes Up Again

I ended up buying a luxury EV stock and it tanked bigtime yesterday because of a big boardroom fight in the company.

One of the main stockholders is trying to kick the president of the company out and it is creating a lot of ripples in the price of the stock.

The stock was at $8 a couple days ago and now it is sitting at $3.50 and my money just got cut in half. I’m going to ride it out because if I sell now it will probably jump up in a matter of days. My HVAC company has stock too but I don’t invest in it because I don’t want to let go of this dark horse. This EV company has a new car coming out this quarter and I am betting that the stock will pump as soon as it puts out its first vehicle. I guess I like to bet on the dark horses because the payoff is better. I’m glad to have my job as an HVAC tech because I don’t have to touch my investments. I like to work at the company as the pay is good and the people I work with are really cool people. We sometimes hang out after work at the local business next door and just talk and laugh. One of the HVAC reps plays guitar and sometimes we jam at my buddy’s flat or on the beach. I play drums and sing and I love it so much. My other friend is a local contractor and he gets us gigs sometimes at pubs or bars.

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