Should I trust my HVAC technician?

Should I trust my HVAC technician completely? Honestly, I am not sure if I should trust my HVAC technician in this way.

I am about to be gone for a few months, and I have been worried about my HVAC units.

I have considered hiring someone to stay at my house to make sure that everything is working while I am gone. The thing that I am worried about the most is my HVAC units. I know that my HVAC units are old, and I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that my HVAC units stopped working. However, if my furnace stops working while I am gone, I know that I am going to have some pretty drastic consequences. The pipes underneath my house could literally freeze if something happened to my HVAC units. That is why I have considered talking to the HVAC company. When I talked to the owner of the HVAC company, he told me that I could leave my keys with the HVAC company. I could install a smart thermostat that will allow me to keep an eye on my HVAC units digitally, and if the thermostat ever says that the HVAC units are not working, I could simply call the HVAC company. Since the HVAC company would already have a key to my house, the HVAC technician could simply go into my house and fix my HVAC units without anyone having to be there. While this sounds like a very convenient plan, I will admit that I am pretty nervous. What if I can’t trust the HVAC technician. What if someone steals something. This seems like a lot of trust. Should I trust my HVAC technician?


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