Should I get a wood stove instead?

However, thinking about using a wood stove is exhausting.

Do you think that I should purchase a wood stove instead of a furnace? I am building a house, and I have been trying to figure out what kind of heating system I want. When I first started building a house, I was planning to put a furnace in the house. I have always had a furnace, and furnaces make your life so much easier. Sure, furnaces are expensive, and furnaces will use up a lot of money using either gas or electricity, but furnaces are pretty dependable. Down the road, it might cost me more money when I have to pay an HVAC technician to fix my furnace, but I am already used to that. I have always owned a furnace, and I think that I would be perfectly content with owning another furnace in my house. However, some of my friends are convinced that I should skip the furnace and purchase a wood stove. I could use a wood stove and save a ton of money. Most people install a wood stove in the basement and heat their entire house this way. You can connect a fan to the wood stove and even have this wood stove pipe heat through regular vents just like a furnace. I have the woods to be able to use a wood stove, and I would probably save money. However, thinking about using a wood stove is exhausting. I would have to prepare to heat my house every winter by chopping, stacking, storing, and preparing enough wood to heat the house. If I don’t have enough wood for my heating system, purchasing wood is very expensive. Furthermore, using a wood stove involves a lot more work than a furnace because you can’t forget about it. Sure, I might save some money, but it will cost me in other ways.


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