Shopping for air conditioning filters can be annoying

I absolutely love shopping.

  • My husband has to often cut me off from our credit cards because I will accidentally go overboard if there is a huge sale.

I think he tries to provide me with palette cleansing shopping experiences to shake the shopping bug out of my spirit sometimes. He loves to drag me to the hardware store for random things like air conditioning filters. His idea is that I will be so bored and overwhelmed by the staleness that is air conditioning filter shopping that I will just not want to shop as a whole anymore. I will admit that air conditioning filters are the worst to shop for because there are so many different kinds, and they all sound important. I’m glad that I don’t have really bad allergies because some of those filters with really intense filtration were incredibly expensive in my personal opinion. Even though I knew we just needed basic filters, my husband really tried to drag it out by reading all of the filters and comparing them. To me, a filter is a filter, so just pick one. Another annoying part is that if you don’t remember the size of your HVAC, you really can’t choose a filter because they are all different sizes. We tend to buy the filters in bulk, so I couldn’t remember what the size was from the last time we came to the hardware store for them. I understand what my husband is trying to do, but it honestly doesn’t work with me. I still love shopping, and I enjoy spending money on things that I desire. He is just going to have to build a bridge and get over it.


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