She would like to give them a few choice words

Tracy doesn’t know who first said that being pregnant is a good time for a woman.

She’d love to provide them with a few choice words because being pregnant is not fun.

Tracy lives in the South, where it’s tepid and humid 90% of the year. This being her last trimester, she has been going through hell. Even with the air conditioning system running, Tracy was tepid and angry all the time. If folks even looked at her slightly oddly, she was jumping down their throats. Her hubby put a new fan and a portable air conditioning system near their bed, in an attempt to keep Tracy cool and comfortable. She went off on him when he said cool and comfortable, thinking he meant ‌ she was being a shrew. Tracy was so desperate to find comfort. She asked her hubby to take her to the mall, knowing how much she hates them all. Tracy was sure he was going to turn down her request, but he didn’t. She was in the mall for a few minutes when Tracy was ready to go home. The air conditioning system in the mall was just as bad as what she had at home. When they got home, TRacy took off her shoes and headed into the shower. After 10 minutes laying under the cool water, she yelled for her hubby, and he came running into the bathroom. Tracy told him she didn’t know how she was going to handle the heat much longer. He opened the shower curtain and asked if she was okay. Tracy told him she would be fine once she had the baby.

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