She runs her own enterprise

Brie works alone. She runs her own enterprise and only has enough business right now to stay afloat. Things have been strenuous since the coronavirus and Brie is doing her best just to get through things. She usually has several flooring tasks each week. However, Brie has had some extra jobs since the stimulus checks were sent out. Many have decided to make lake house upgrades with the funds. Brie had a flooring upgradement project last month and she had to go to the work pool to get someone to help. Brie got fortunate, because someone at the work pool had experience with wood flooring. The woman was helpful on that day. She knew a lot more than Brie anticipated and did a lot of direction. The woman proved herself to Brie and she has provided her with a part-time position. The woman told Brie that she was only looking for jobs a couple of afternoons a week, so it worked out perfectly for her. Brie calls her when she needs an extra hand and she lets Brie know if she needs more work. The relationship is absolutely symbiotic and works out well. If Brie ever has enough business for a full-time flooring upgrade professional, she shall talk that woman into working more hours. Brie has never seen anyone be able to create a solid straight line without a ruler. The woman is wonderful at measuring distance too. She is usually right on the money by an inch or several even when the distance is 12 or 15 ft. Brie loves her new employee.

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