She kept saying that we needed the oil to gas conversion

Sometimes, it’s hard to admit when I’m wrong.

My wife kept telling me for years that we needed to get an oil to gas conversion for our oil furnace.

I kept telling her that it was only 5 years old, and it would be fine. She had to remind me though, it wasn’t the furnace needing to be replaced by a gas furnace, the oil furnace itself could be converted to run off natural gas. I didn’t want to do it because I thought the oil furnace was efficient enough. Well, that was until the prices of oil went up considerably. Suddenly, I was asking my wife about how to get that oil to gas conversion. Before I knew it, we were speaking with the HVAC experts and they walked us through the process step by step. Because we already had a gas line going to the house, the conversion was easily done and only took a day. I honestly can’t believe how cheap our heating bills are now after the conversion. I was actually thinking about lowering the temperatures on the thermostat, but my wife said there was no way she was going to freeze to death in the winter months. I have to tip my hat off to her, she was right about this the entire time, and I should have listened to her a long time ago when she first brought up the idea. The good thing is that she doesn’t rub it in my face or anything, she just puts the past behind us so we can move forward and carry on with our loves. I guess that’s one of the reasons why I love her so much.

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