She had always dreamt of traveling through the US

Two years ago, Lucy and I sold our house and bought a travel trailer with Heating, Ventilation, and A/C, plus an air purification system.

Part of our bucket list was traveling across the US and seeing every state in the union.

We drove off in early Spring and were in the Southern West Coast in the middle of summer. Lucy found it to be so hot. She said that not even the Dalai Lama could handle such high temperatures. Lucy loves being comfortable, and when ‌she’s feeling hot, she wants her creature comforts. Lucy and I knew the heating in the a/c worked because we had to use it over 2 months. We’d traveled from the Northeast, and had never experienced this kind of heat. When Lucy and I left for our trip, family members kept asking us where we were going. Our answer was we wanted to head to the West Coast. They tried to describe the heat there while insisting it was a different ‌heat. Lucy and I discovered that there was a lot of baloney. Heat is heat, no matter where you go. I was so thankful to have the cooling unit because we didn’t want to get out of that travel trailer. The only time I’d go outside was when I had to go for groceries. I wasn’t the first one to cave in. Lucy woke up one morning wringing wet with sweat and demanded we drive up north. She wanted to go back to where they were already experiencing cooler temperatures. That would have been amazing if our home was still available.

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