She got in touch with the HVAC corporation

A year ago, Kelly got back to the condo from work, only to find the HVAC unit wasn’t running. She’s a doctor in a hospital where the cooler the better. Kelly understood that heat always leads to germs and bacteria, hence why it’s better to remain cool. But, when she opened the condo, and realized there was no AC, Kelly had to phone the HVAC corporation. She laid down on the sofa, which was located close to the air vent, and closed her eyes. Kelly did some meditation, trying to block out the high temperatures and humidity in the condo. Morris came home 30 minutes later, and wasn’t happy because of the lack of AC. He asked Kelly how she could rest in the chair with her eyes closed when the house was as hot as a furnace. Kelly declined to discuss the faulty AC with him at all. By using meditation, she could find somewhere she felt good. All she told Morris was that the HVAC worker would be there within an hour. Instead of quietly laying down and forgetting about the heat, he went into the family room and started moving things around. Thank goodness for meditation! Not only could Kelly block out the heat and humidity, she also blocked out the presence of her hubby being in the house. Kelly didn’t budge from her position until the HVAC worker arrived. By that time, Morris was done being crazy, and was ready to deal with the HVAC worker.


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