She doesn’t view it that way

Tracy believes it’s good to pay extra for good value.

At least, that’s the way she tends to manage her money and purchases.

There’s no shortage of possibilities out there to buy items that cost quite less. And then, when these items stop working, you go back and get a new one. Well when it comes to Heating & A/C units, Tracy just doesn’t see it that way. After doing a thorough observation, she’s come to hate the throw away mentality that is quite common, especially with folks living in cities and big towns. People always get rid of items that were made cheaply and tend to fall apart after a short duration. But, Tracy chooses to do things differently in her house. For example, she had the Heating & A/C unit replaced not too long ago. When Tracy bought her home, it came with a good heat pump. It’s not the finest Heating & A/C unit you’ll ever see but it’s been fantastic enough for the previous owner. Tracy made sure that she did her part in getting the seasonal Heating & A/C service that it needed. Therefore, when Tracy replaced that outdated Heating & A/C unit with the new residential Heating & A/C she had installed, she also extended the Heating & A/C service plan. The day after Tracy had the new Heating & A/C unit set up, she called to get the new residential Heating & A/C warranty registered with the manufacturer. After that, Tracy contacted the HVAC business to ensure her new Heating & A/C unit was now part of the Heating & A/C service agreement. Tracy plans to look after this Heating & A/C equipment investment as she knows its value.

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