She does all the personal training

My wife Roxanne has been a Personal Fitness Trainer for about 5 years now.

  • Both of us met more than 2 years ago when I saw her working out at the local gym.

I enjoyed how patient and kind she was with her client. I am not a fitness lover, but I do work out and take great care of my body. But there are times when I fall off the wagon and skip a few gym sessions, and Roxanne is always there to get me back on track. That is a pro of having a wife who is a personal trainer, she can hold me accountable for my actions. Another pro is, Roxanne is awesome at making healthy meals. I especially love the pink smoothies that she makes for dinner. They are packed with so many great vitamins and they are also tasty, and they keep me full for most of the day. Currently, Roxanne has about ten steady customers that she trains on a biweekly basis, in addition to for an extra fee, she also does meal plans for a few of them. In fact, she has given them a biweekly meal plan so that they can remain on a healthy track. She loves doing this for her purchasers, in addition to she does it at home as well. Without Jason’s planned meals, I absolutely would eat less healthy food each day. Anyway, Roxanne plans on becoming a certified nutritionist or a registered dietician, where she can provide more hands-on assessment to her purchasers. Once she gets certified, she will only keep a handful of her new purchasers. And it would also mean that I would benefit from her new expertise as a dietician.

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