Selling your HVAC unit

I recently accepted a position at a company in a metropolitan area in the north.

I have lived in the south for a long time, so I knew that this would be an immense culture shock for me.

A few upgrades were needed to the house I purchased, so I tried to limit our costs as much as possible. One painful thing that needed replacement was the HVAC, because winter season was approaching and our oil furnace certainly isn’t doing the trick anymore. I don’t think the last owners had a chance to replace any air conditioner or heating parts at all, so it was in bad shape when I arrived. I browsed magazines and newspapers for HVAC system sales, despite the fact that I wasn’t finding much luck. I joined local online groups to ask if anyone was selling their HVAC system, or if they could lead me toward the right deals. I ended up finding the best information for buying an HVAC system from a neighbor who had recently purchased one from a local HVAC dealer. A local company wouldn’t be able to provide a deep discount for a well- sought out heater, I figured, but they were surprisingly reasonable with their prices. I was able to get a new HVAC system installed with a discount I could appreciate. As for the rest of the renovations, I was able to score discounts on most things, besides the flooring. I assume that’s because I wanted to splurge on nice floors, though.

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