Romantic candlelight almost does in the HVAC

What I didn’t realize at the time was just how bad that was for my HVAC equipment

The fact that my wife ever fell for me is still a bit of a stunning upset in my mind. I mean she’s just so awesome in so many ways. That’s not how I would describe myself. However, it works and we are really happy 15 years in to our marriage and I guess that says everything. However, in that effort to win my wife over all those years ago, I almost killed my heating and cooling equipment. It’s a weird story for sure. We met at work when we were pretty much straight out of college. And being without a bunch of money and having zero romance skills, I just did the best I could do. And for me, that was going with some old school perceptions. So, I leaned into the idea of romancing my wife with home cooked meals in the candlelight. The first time I cooked for her, I made it sort of casual but I lit candles on the dinner table for while we ate. For some reason, she really dug that action. Now, I understand that she really liked how authentic and relaxed I was with her. I thought it was the candlelight so I poured it on from there. What I didn’t realize at the time was just how bad that was for my HVAC equipment. You see, all that burnt wax in a small apartment builds up on an HVAC air filter in a hurry. After a few dinners, I had practically covered the air filter with a solid sheen of candle wax.


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