Registering a new air conditioner

I just bought a new heating and air conditioning system and it came with a really great warranty.

It protects my central heat and a/c unit from any natural disasters.

So if there is a tornado or something like that and it wipes out my central heat and a/c unit, I can get a replacement for free. But the catch to all this is registering the new central heating and air conditioning system. Sounds easy right? Wrong! The way they make you register this new heat and a/c unit is with this really bad online system that does not work right. I finally did get my brand new central heating and air conditioning system unit registered and got the HVAC protection plan in place, but it took me almost a week and several hours of time that I really did not have to waste. Every single time I went to the website it would either crash on me midway through the registration or it would have some other thing go wrong to where it would say “we’re having problems please try back later” after spending a half an hour entering in all the ridiculous and unneeded information that they were asking for. I was nearly about to give up on it thinking it was some kind of a scam. But on my last try it all finally went through with no problems. I really hope that I never have to do anything like this ever again! The internet is not the best way to do things. And with a heating and air conditioning protection plan registration they should have you just mail something in the old way.


Air conditioning professional