Really enjoy doing the yoga session

I work in the downtown area of the neighborhood that I live in.

And working downtown gives me access to so many different things.

For example, if I would love to grab lunch or dinner at a nice pizza shop, I have plenty of choices nearby. Also, downtown is central to the neighborhood that I live in so if I need to drive to a mall most of them are within twenty min. Additionally, I have a bank, a post office, in addition to grocery stores within minutes of me. This makes it convenient working downtown. The building that I labor in has a yoga studio inside of it. I have never tried doing yoga, however the owner of the studio offered the corporation I work for a free yoga session. I go to the gym twice per week, so I take my health in addition to fitness seriously. But I am not opposed to trying yoga, in fact, I have looked into it before. But I decided to just stick with going to the gym because I have had my gym membership for a long time! Plus, the gym is walking distance from my task, which makes it genuinely convenient. Then last week, both of us finally had the yoga session inside the studio, and I was so impressed with the workout that I have signed up for several more sessions. I liked it a lot because I was able to get a full body workout without using weights. In addition, I enjoyed that the instructor focused on breathing exercises in addition to a full body, in addition to mind workout. For now, I will keep my gym membership, but I know I will also keep taking more of these yoga classes as well.