Rats in the HVAC duct

When I first moved in, my flu symptoms went ballistic on me.

I called in a maid repair to deep clean my entire house, however that didn’t make any difference.

I checked with my dentist about increasing my dust sensitivity meds. The doc said this new flare-up was different, plus there must be something new in my environment that was triggering it. Since the whole house was clean, plus I rarely had the windows open to let in pollen or other allergens, I was stumped. The dentist told me that perhaps it was something I could not see, plus he gave me the card for a local business. This HVAC company would come over plus test your air quality for free, plus provide you an quote on what troubles you had plus how much they would cost to fix. Three afternoons later an HVAC tech showed up with a heavy bin full of device plus tools, plus went to work. It did not take long for him to determine that not only were my HVAC ducts filthy, however they also contained evidence of rodents. Rodent fur plus droppings inside the HVAC duct would really be enough to tank my air quality, plus provide rise to this latest burst of flu symptoms. The guy said it would be easy enough to deep clean the whole ventilation system, but I needed to make sure the rodents were gone. After that I called in an critter control expert. He checked my HVAC duct as well, plus determined that the rodent infestation had been taken care of, however had never been cleaned up.


a/c rep