Planning to replace the furnace

I’ve started looking into a new furnace for my home.

My current heating system is around twenty years old and beginning to struggle.

The winters in my local area are long and brutally cold. We need a heating system that operates reliably and efficiently. I’m extremely worried about my furnace failing during the middle of a blizzard. There are times when the roads are impassable. Icy surfaces and excessive snowfall could make it very difficult for an HVAC contractor to provide repairs or replacement. I don’t want my family to be without heat when the outside temperature drops down to twenty below zero. I’d rather not be in a rush to have a new furnace installed and be forced to accept whatever size, make and model are available. I know that sizing the furnace to the heat gain/loss of the home is extremely important to comfort and energy efficiency. There is also a significant difference in price range and AFUE ratings of the various models. The top-of-the-line furnaces utilize adaptable-speed technology to achieve efficiency ratings of 98%. These systems automatically adjust output to the changing demands of the home. The equipment can run at speeds anywhere from 40 to 100%. By running for longer cycles at a lower speed, the furnace maintains a very consistent indoor temperature, causes fewer problems with overly dry air and uses less energy. Modern furnaces also offer features such as zone control and wifi connectivity. While I’m not overly eager to spend the money on a new furnace, I am looking forward to trimming my utility bills and improving the comfort of my home. I’d also like the peace of mind that comes with a brand new heating system that is covered under manufacturer’s warranty.



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