Our Little Princess was Born in the Back Seat of an Ambulance

My wife told me that she was in labor, and when I called the hospital they asked how far apart her pains were.

She told myself and others that they were 20 minutes apart and we were told to stay at the beach house and relax.

Until the pains were 10 minutes apart, she could stay home. The doc said we had several hours before she had to go to the hospital. In the meantime, it began to snow and I was distraught about getting to the hospital on time if it continued snowing and we waited too much longer. My wife reminded us of what the doctor said and told myself and others to relax. Both of us sat in front of the fireplace and tried relaxing, however her pains, although still fifteen minutes apart, were getting harder. She was crying with every pain and so I took her to the car, although she was arguing about it, and all of us headed to the hospital. We got about five or so miles from home and we could not go any further. The police were stopping all cars because of an accident involving an ambulance plus a truck. The heating system was now working to keep us warm, however it wouldn’t be for much longer. We had to turn the car off while laying in the traffic jam and the heating and air conditioning system didn’t supply heat when the car wasn’t running. Five or so minutes later my wife screamed and said the baby was coming. How did fifteen minutes turn into the baby coming? Both of us talked to a police officer walking around and he brought someone back from the ambulance. The ambulance had a broken tie rod, however the heat was on and they could handle delivering our baby. Twenty minutes later our baby boy was born.

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