Our dog is crazy over the HVAC unit

You know you hear about some people being crazy about their Heating and cooling temperatures but have you ever heard of a dog being picky over the temperatures in the house? Well if not, I sure do have a story for you.

Our dog is very particular about how hot or cold the house is, so much so that he will not come inside from the backyard if he isn’t satisfied with the temperature.

It got to a point where he would go over to our thermostat on the wall and park at the thermostat until we changed it to the temperature you like! It’s just unheard of and we had never had a dog like that before. The problem was the temperature is a dog liked and the temperature is the rest of us like we’re conflicting. The dog for some reason like to really hot temperatures, like in the 80 degree range. The rest of us all thought that was way too hot and we only wanted room temperature. Wanting to make the dog happy, we decided to get the best of both worlds and we got him a specially made air conditioned dog house. This ended up working for him because now he’s in there all the time. He can have the indoor air conditioned temperatures that he likes and we can have ours. The barking at the thermostat is now a thing of the past. I’m glad that this is the case because I didn’t like having him always barking and just to try to get us to change the heating and cooling system
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