Our daughter has been acting up a lot lately

Lately, our daughter has been acting up plus it’s not easy to deal with.

  • She is always making things up plus she’s not completely honorableall the time.

Oftentimes, she will straight up lie about things to get one of her siblings in trouble if things aren’t going her way. She has been grounded a few times because of this. Well recently, she entirely made myself and others mad when she started dribbling a hoops inside the house. I was trying to work in our office with the ideal temperature control settings which I set on the control unit earlier. I couldn’t focus on our work with the noise the ball was making pounding the floor over plus over again. I told her to take the hoops outside if she wanted to dribble. The two of us also have the hoops hoop out there so she could always practice playing. Well, instead of just taking the ball outside, she threw the ball at the smart control unit plus it fell from the wall plus broke. When I asked her why she broke the control unit, she said she didn’t. I told her I saw her split it plus then she said it was the ball that broke the control unit. It was discouraging that I had to point out that she threw the ball that broke the control unit, therefore, she broke it. She still tried arguing plus then she was grounded. This is the way she has been acting plus now she will have to do extra chores until the current control unit is paid for. I don’t know what has gotten into that girl lately.


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