Our AC was faulty all summer

Last year, it was like each month we had to contact the Heating and A/C corporation.

We were experiencing issues with our a/c during the summer, the heating unit during the winter, and our ductwork all the time.

We paid many repair bills for the Heating and A/C repairs plus service calls. This made us think we were in the wrong business. We thought of changing careers and becoming Heating and A/C experts. We told our parents that maybe we should go to school for Heating and A/C and after that we’d spend less doing our own repairs. They told us we liked our 9-to-5 office task, and they were pretty sure that we earned more as a lawyer than we would as Heating and A/C experts. We knew the Heating and A/C specialist put in more hours than we did, but they didn’t have to put up with the people that we put up with. This year, we started out on the right foot. We contacted the Heating and A/C corporation because we required them to send out a Heating and A/C contractor. Our goal was to have a brand-new Heating and A/C plan installed in the beach house. We must confess that the cost of a modern Heating and A/C plan was higher than what we had thought it would be. But, on the flip side, we wouldn’t have all the constant repairs that we’d been putting up with for months. We got an energy efficient heating system and air conditioner unit. We also had modern ductwork installed into the beach house. Our parents suggested we get an air purification system. The modern Heating and A/C plan was not a planned change in our beach house, but we’re glad we went for it

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