Our AC unit got so loud, my daughter was afraid to sleep in her room.

Our daughter was only three years old, but she was afraid to sleep in her room. We left our bedroom door open so she could see our light, since our room was across the hall from ours. The AC unit was so loud that she was afraid to sleep in her room. The AC unit was right outside her room, and she could not only hear it through the ductwork, but she could hear the AC unit itself. She thought someone was trying to climb up the wall and get into her room. She came into our bedroom one night and crawled into bed with us. She was crying and worried. When she heard the AC making noise in our room, she seemed surprised. She wanted to know why someone wanted to climb up the walls. The next morning, I called the HVAC company. I let my daughter be there when I talked to the HVAC technician and we watched as he worked on the air conditioning unit. He assured my daughter that once he repaired the air conditioning unit, all of her concerns would end. When he had the repair complete, he turned the air conditioning unit back on. I went up to her room, and she sat on the bed. She couldn’t believe how quiet the air conditioner was. She said the HVAC technician made a miracle happen, and now no one was ever going to ‌climb up the walls outside. I tried to explain that the HVAC technician had repaired the AC unit, and that was why it was quiet and not that he chased a wall climbing villain away, but she wasn’t listening. She thought the HVAC technician was her hero.

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