One More HVAC Article Then I Ride my Foldable Bike

There will be a lot of people out and about when I go for my bike ride in a few minutes.

Today is Friday and a lot of the people in my town are visiting from other towns as we have really nice beaches and a lot of bars to visit.

I don’t go to the bars as I am burned out from doing so but I love to hang out at the beach when the sun is lower in the sky. We usually go out there around 7pm and play ball or music till about 10pm. The heating and cooling business where I work is a two minute walk to the beach so I usually bring my shorts and go straight there after work. I have a volleyball net that they let me keep at work so I don’t have to come home after work to get it. The HVAC specialist who I work with also plays volleyball and we often play on the same team. If I don’t play ball then I usually play my drum with my friend for tips on the paseo. We’ve made almost a hundred dollars a night in the summer, which pays my bills for the month, and makes me wonder if I should do it full time. I don’t know because I like to work at the heating and cooling business just because the people I work with are so nice and the work is steady. With music you never know what will happen because some times of the year can get quite slow.


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