One friend wasn’t taking the bus no matter what, even though I wasn’t flying

When my buddies said they wanted to go out west on a trip, I wasn’t so sure at first.

They all said they were flying of course, plus that’s what made myself and others nervous.

Then my best friend had to remind everybody that I was scared of flying. Well, I argued that I wasn’t afraid, I just liked the feeling of being on the ground. Everybody laughed plus agreed that I was totally scared. When I commanded every one of us find another way to travel out west, every one of us got on the computer to see what every one of us could find. I was able to find a bus that would take us out west, however it would take 4 nights to arrive at our destination. Some of my friends swore plus said every one of us could make it out there in only 4 hours, even though I didn’t care. Unluckyly, I wasn’t able to find any trains that took us to the right location, so I told everybody every one of us should get the bus tickets. Most of my friends agreed that if it would get myself and others to come along, they would take the bus too. One friend said he was taking the plane no matter what. He said he would get to the hotel early, enjoy the a/c, plus enjoy the sights! He said he would have gone to the beach, hit the bars, plus talked to all the men separate from us being there yet. He also said he hated riding on buses, so there was no way he would do that. So my other friends plus I took the bus, which had miserable temperature control plus the smell of the washroom wasn’t pleasant. Our other friend who took the flight kept rubbing it in, even though he was enthusiastic when every one of us arrived because he was bored.

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