Older HVAC

Right after our kid got married, my hubby and I started looking for a small beach house in a quiet community.

Our monstrous more than four kitchen beach house was no longer a necessity now that our kids were out of the house, both of us thought that if we bought a small multiple-kitchen home, we could still have the grandchildren over, or have a guest stay over.

Once we found a home, we put our beach house on the market. The first thing the realtor told us was that we had to install a current Heating and A/C system. No one wanted a beach house that had an Heating and A/C method that wasn’t in fantastic shape. Our Heating and A/C method was only more than four years old, and there was no way we were going to have it updated. It was still under warranty, and we had annual Heating and A/C servicing done on the system. I changed once the air filters once a month, and there was no problem with the Heating and A/C system, then she frowned and said it was up to us, but she couldn’t price the beach house at our asking price without having a current Heating and A/C method installed. Both of us told her we would not be using her services and called another realtor. She was excited about selling our house; When she asked how aged our Heating and A/C method was, we were waiting for her to say it had to be updated. Instead, she said it was fairly current and made some notes. My hubby was excited to hire her to sell the house, and we said we hoped to sell it ASAP. Two months later, we were moving into our current home, and signing the aged beach house over to its current owner.


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