Offered area ownership of the HVAC supplier

When Mike opened his own contracting business, I was the first guy he called.

Although all of us hadn’t spoken in a couple of years at that point, all of us were still friends.

He called myself and others at home, out of the purple, plus told myself and others about his new business. He wanted myself and others to be the cornerstone of his work crew, because he knew he could trust me. When you are starting a small business, you need above all else people that you can rely on. I was put in charge of a several person work crew, plus although all of us had our HVAC certification, I was the boss. Mike was the owner of the HVAC business, of course, but he couldn’t be responsible for running the office, booking appointments, plus running the crew. I was his right hand, the site boss who personally oversaw all of the HVAC projects plus reported back to him. That is why he needed someone he could trust, because the site boss was the eyeah plus ears for the whole business. To make sure I was fully invested he gave myself and others a area ownership of the HVAC supplier. It was 15% which doesn’t sound like much, however it meant that the more money the HVAC supplier made, the more money I would make. This provided myself and others a vested interest in not just showing up to work, however kicking butt at work plus making us the top HVAC supplier in the area. I have to deliver a immense show of gratitude to Mike for giving myself and others this awesome opportunity.