Nobody wants a house without heating and air.

I could not guess it when my partner told myself and others he had bought a house for us.

How several couples buy a house without each member of that couple having seen it? I questioned him, wanting to guess why he would do such a thing without talking to me? He said the house was a bargain plus if he hadn’t bought it instantaneously; the owner was going to sell it to someone else.

Apparently, the house was a bargain because it needed some work. He said the owner still lived in the house, but it was too big for him. If the owner was still living there, it had to be in fine shape. Hadn’t it? He had already paid for the house, plus the two of us were heading north to our current house the next afternoon. I thought the house was adorable when the two of us laid eyeah on it. It was a perfect Gingerbread house, plus just what I had consistently dreamed of, and my partner asked if I was disappointed plus I said I wanted to hold out on my opinion until the two of us were inside, then once inside, I looked around plus asked where the cooling system component was. I wanted to turn it on because it was so stuffy inside. I asked again about the thermostat plus the cooling system. He shrugged plus said, ‘about that…’. I cringed, then nobody wants a house without HVAC, except my partner. The first thing the two of us had to do was install heating plus cooling system, because I wasn’t living in a house that didn’t have cooling system when it was 90 degrees outside.
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