No A/C on spring break

My oldest son asked me about going with his friends to the beach for Spring Break.

It really sent me on a trip down memory lane, because I made some amazing memories back when I was in school. I remember the first time my friends and I went to the beach for spring break. The circumstances were terrible, the cabin was small and hot, but we still had the time of our lives. When you are that young and excited about life, even something as major as a broken air conditioner won’t stop you. At my age today, I couldn’t possibly spend an entire night without the central A/C running. The air conditioner is one the only ways I can get any sleep, but on that spring break I couldn’t have cared less. We opened the windows for natural ventilation, stayed on the beaches all night long, and tried our best to have fun. I doubt the same would be true for my son, who has never experienced life without climate control. Kids today are spoiled, and that isn’t their fault, but they expect to have perfect air conditioning no matter where they go. I believe if his rental cabin was not air conditioned that he might just turn around and come back home. When I told my son that he laughed and said that was not true, and that he would sleep in the back seat of the car with the air conditioning on instead of coming home. Regardless, I hope he and his friends have fun on Spring Break.

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